Hollywood A-Listers Discover Scorned Doctor’s


Plus the true story of how one rogue doctor was outcasted by the entire medical industry when he fought to bring this “Magnetic Energy Mineral” to light.

Carrie felt herself getting sleepy at the wheel of her Big Rig.

Not now, she thought to herself...

Only 17 more miles on this ‘backhaul’ and I’ll be home with hubby and the twins, hang in there Carrie.

She rubbed her eyes, and tried to focus on the road, taking a big gulp of her iced coffee...

But it wasn’t long before everything went black.

When Carrie came to, she felt blood dripping from her forehead...

She opened her eyes, but everything was dark and blurry.

Her arms and legs felt like they had been crushed by a boulder...

What happened?

She remembered the dark road, her eyes getting heavy, the sharp turn near the ravine...

It was then that she realized...

Her “Drowsy Driving” caused her to fall asleep at the wheel of her Big Rig...skidding off the main road into a DITCH!

Carrie could hardly believe it...after 14 years as a truck driver, she had NEVER fallen asleep at the wheel!

She was always the fastest and the most reliable Big Rigger in her fleet...

But if she was being honest with herself...

She knew that her health had reached a new all time low. Carrie had two teenagers and a loving husband that depended on her...

Carrie’s “drowsy driving” almost cost her her life.

Did you know... 1 out of 25 American adults reported they had fallen asleep while driving in the past 30 days! 1

Up to 1,550 deaths and 40,000 personal-injury accidents are caused by drowsy drivers!

Carrie was desperate to get rid of the constant fatigue and tiredness...

And These 3 Energy Vampires Were Sucking the Life Out of Her:

Energy Vampire #1- Poor Sleep Habits:
Carrie didn't have a set bedtime, sometimes she stayed up until 3AM getting work done around her home. And even if she was lucky to get 7 solid hours of sleep, she’d awaken feeling like she’d been running uphill. She still felt fatigued and groggy even after two cups of strong coffee...

Over 35% of American adults aren’t getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night.

Energy Vampire #2 - Too Much Caffeine:
Carrie loved her iced coffee every afternoon and any energy drink that gave her a jolt. But even with this temporary boost of energy, she didn’t realize that the caffeine was harming the quality of her sleep and making her even sleepier during the day.

In fact a study from the University of South Australia of 80 people over 50 linked high calorie coffee and energy drink intake to poor sleep quality and sleep disturbance.

Energy Vampire #3 - Brain Fog:
After 14 years on the road, Carrie had memorized dozens of routes to major cities all over the country, but recently her mind had often been drawing a blank. Not only would she often need to pull out a map to get her bearings, she was misplacing her keys, struggling to remember names, and sometimes even blanking out mid conversation.

She dismissed it as “just getting older,” but neuroscientist Sabina Brennan reports 600 million adults worldwide suffer from brain fog without understanding the true underlying cause.

Do you feel like these energy vampires are zapping your energy too?

If you feel like life is being sucked right out of you...

If you hate feeling sluggish... that all your energy is just slipping away...

Then keep reading to discover the magnetic mineral that brought Carrie back from the brink of death...

Carrie’s "Energy Vampires" landed her in a ditch, fighting for her life. But that was just the start of her problems...

For 30 minutes, she lied there...praying someone would find her.

Thankfully, someone had called the paramedics.

But at the hospital, things just got worse...

With a broken leg, 6 smashed ribs, a concussion, internal bleeding and a dislocated shoulder...

Doctor’s told Carrie she would never be the same again...

Carrie feared the worst – death, becoming a cripple, leaving her daughters and husband to take care of her for the rest of her life.

That’s never what she imagined for herself!

But thankfully, her story doesn’t end there...

In fact, as crazy as it sounds...

This near-death experience would lead Carrie to discover the ‘Magnetic Energy Mineral’ that only celebs and billionaires know about...

... It effortlessly supercharges stamina, gives you boundless energy, “eagle eye” focus, and lifts clouds of brain fog so you can think and perform at your best...

This energizing secret works for everyone, no matter if you're 44 or 84...

It’s not just due to “getting older.”

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been struggling with low energy for a long time, or if you just started experiencing symptoms...

This is something I believe no one should be without – especially
if you’re over the age of 45...

That’s because with this energizing vitality secret, you can finally start feeling like you did in your 20’s and 30’s again...

  • All-Day Energy that puts a powerful spring in your step, lasting all day and late into the evening

  • Better focus, increased efficiency, and quicker alertness so you never miss a thing

  • Deep restful sleep that relaxes and re-energizes you for the next day, no matter what the day may bring

  • Boosted confidence in yourself that makes you feel younger, full of vim and vigor, so you’re more excited about life

  • Get back your liveliness and zest for life, so you can keep up (or speed past) these gen-Xer years and even those Z kids too!

If you want the get-up-and-go that you had when you were younger...

To feel full of life and powerfully energized,
Then stick with me!

Because I promise, all I need is a few moments to show you exactly what this strange “energizing secret” is and why it’s better than any other energy-boosting solution you’ve tried...

Whether it’s vitamin shots, energy drinks, nootropics, stem cell pills, organic foods & probiotics, or anything else.

But before I go any further,
let me introduce myself...

Let me tell you more about who I am…and how I’ve helped Carrie and hundreds of other people unlock the secret to “naturally recharging their cells”and living a healthier, happier life.

Hello! My name is Alex Bradford.

For over 15 years, I’ve dedicated my life to researching little-known health cures that can make a tremendous impact on the lives of folks over 50.

Just like you, I love my family and I want each one of them to live their healthiest and happiest life.

I’ve worked with some of the most influential natural health doctors, researchers, therapists, healers, and even health “renegades” to bring their healing therapies to you and your loved ones.

So, why should you pay attention to anything I have to say?

While I’m a natural health expert – I also believe in verifiable scientific research – especially clinical, double-blind studies - that can back up what I’m discovering.

So, when my friend Carrie told me what happened to her ...I had a way to help her...

Thanks to my extensive research background.

A few years ago, I had to figure out a way to support my Dad’s heart and brain after he had a heart attack so he could be that energetic 69-year-old again.

Although Carrie’s story was different, I felt like I knew how to help.

...Was to figure out a way to give his cells the extra boost they need.

And for Carrie, I could do the same thing!

Now please, hear me out...

... all I ask is that you forget what you think you know about aging – and let me show you what NEW research proves...

It’s going to blow you away...

Imagine being surprised to discover that...

Your energy levels are supercharged!

Your joints are supported – to promote ease of movement!

Your skin is glowing –– and smile lines have faded!

Your memory is sharp and clear – and your recall quicker than it’s been in decades!

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve had a lifetime of bad habits like smoking or eating an unhealthy diet...

... because the lies you’re told about aging are pure nonsense! And you no longer have to believe the aging lies...Lies...LIES!

What If I Told You “Age” Ain’t the Problem?

If you believe that getting weak and frail is your destiny – then you’ll fall for the hype and UNTRUTHS that WILL make you weak and frail!

I’ll show you how to have all-day energy without drinking gallons of coffee, energy drinks, or insane workouts!

That’s pure horse pucky! I’m going to show you how you can physically rejuvenate every organ inside your body – including your heart, your brain, your liver and more!

Oh, come on! I’ll show you how to reduce wrinkles by 38% - thanks to a wonder mineral that works better than Botox!

Now – this one REALLY makes my blood boil! Why? Because if you’re over 40 – you can activate your fat burning switch and shed the weight!

Because you’ve supposedly inherited BAD GENES! You’ll be plagued with brain fog, poor sleep, aches and pains, high blood sugar, heart problems, low sex drive and poor vision! This is the biggest DOOZY of them all...

Now, I’m going to drop another TRUTH bomb on you:

Most of the health challenges you’re facing RIGHT NOW are caused by ONE thing...

If Your Cells Aren’t Healthy

You’re a Sitting Duck!

But it Doesn’t Have to Happen to YOU!

I’ll Show You How to Turn ON Your Young Genes!

Did you catch that?

It doesn’t have to happen to YOU!

If your cells aren’t healthy – there’s NO WAY you can experience optimum health and longevity.

So how do you keep those cells healthy?

Well – it’s not as hard as you think...

... in fact...

... it’s never been easier thanks to the discovery of this remarkable that transforms your body on a cellular level!

But that’s not all!

When this “magnetic energy mineral” enters your cell, it IMMEDIATELY causes your cells to repel harmful agents of all sorts

Toxins, bacteria, viruses, free radicals...

And begins to attract the vital nutrients your cells need to operate at full power...

Virtually recharging your body on a cellular level!

As you age - your immune system can get weak and your cell walls start to decay.

This can cause tears and holes in your cell walls - like Swiss cheese.

.. The older your cells - the more holes develop on the outer walls.

These breaks and tears can cause free radicals, bacteria, viruses, and toxins to attack your DNA!

... Now - it doesn’t matter if you celebrate another birthday...

... Or experience a trauma...

... This cellular breakdown happens no matter what.

But if you experience a trauma like Carrie did -- the breakdown worsens...

... it’s like pouring gasoline on a fire.

That’s why I was so thrilled to discover that this “Magnetic Energy Mineral” could be the key to TRULY HELPING solve the Energy Crisis affecting men and women over 50!

The “Magnetic Energy Mineral” goes to work to rebuild cells and give cells the constant supply of energy they need to stay alive.

.. like spackle patching up a nail hole in a wall...

Once the remarkable “Magnetic Energy Mineral” comes in contact with the cell...

... in addition to fixing dysfunctional cells...

The “Magnetic Energy Mineral” give cells the constant supply of energy they need to stay healthy and become revitalized!

Now you have a protective barrier around every cell to keep out unwanted intruders.

This “Magnetic Energy Mineral” breakthrough is the creation of one of the most important, yet little-known, men in anti-aging science.

Celebrities, Royal Families, and Former Presidents Flock to This World-Renowned Scientist Who Discovered the “Magnetic Energy Mineral” to Shave Off YEARS of Aging and Turn On Their Young Genes!

Dr. Hans Nieper served as the Director of Medicine at the highly acclaimed Paracelsus Silbersee Hospital in Hanover, Germany.

His address book was a Rolodex of Who’s Who – jam packed with celebrities... presidents... and royalty!

His ground-breaking research was censored and kept hidden from the public eye...

Dr. Hans Nieper

But when word got out about his secret studies...

Powerful CEOs in pharma companies launched an all-out war against him.

Eminent researchers and journalists rushed to his defense...

But by then, it was too late...

And He Was Hounded Out Of His Lab...

Blacklisted from ever receiving a Nobel Prize...

And eventually “deported” back to Germany.

It’s one of the biggest scandals in recent medical history...

And for decades, this injustice has robbed Americans of a simple yet powerful “aging anti-dote”.

But that’s where the bad news ends...

Because while pharma companies made billions of dollars in profits out of this mess...

Brave researchers are now picking up from where this genius doctor left off...

And they’ve plowed a whopping $50 million dollars into cutting-edge clinical research to back him up.

Not only does their new research put “Big Pharma” to shame...

But it also reveals Dr. Nieper’s unusual completely natural mineral discovery,

He observed that when this magnetic energy mineral begins to repel harmful agents and attract vital nutrients...

It also helped to rebuild your cellular walls from the inside out...

Completely renewing each and every cell in your body!

In other words, this “magnetic energy mineral” can help your cells create 2 layers of protection to keep harmful agents out...



And keep revitalizing nutrients in...

After supplementing with this Magnetic Energy Mineral, his patients reported.

  • Renewed energy that kept them jumping out of bed first thing in the morning ready to take on the day without crashing or hitting an afternoon slump.

  • Supercharged immunity that automatically fought off illness with little to no symptoms.

  • Strong as steel bones, that resisted fractures or contusions from falling or impact.

  • Tighter more youthful skin that shed wrinkles and dark spots and regained a youthful healthy glow.

  • A crystal clear mind that remembered even the tiniest details like a steel trap and processed information at the speed of a 22 year old.

After a while his reputation for completely renewing energy and vitality on all levels helped him build a rolodex of some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment and politics of his time...

Who would flock from all over the world to experience the age-reversing power of Dr. Hans Nieper’s protocol...

Which used carefully measured doses of this “magnetic energy mineral” to completely renew energy and vitality on a cellular level.

This Magnetic Energy Mineral:

  • Recharges cells, restoring their natural magnetic field which attracts the necessary nutrients to generate energy at full capacity.

  • Repels harmful agents that can damage your cells and prevent them from working at 100%.

  • Rebuilds your cell walls for a second layer of defense against harmful agents and a secondary way to keep vital nutrients within your cell for fuel.

And it does it all without the use of overpriced lab-made drugs.

Turns out...

... another phenomenon occurred in Dr. Nieper’s study of the “Magnetic Energy Mineral”...

Dr. Nieper’s incredible study results showed that his patients barely aged. What a miracle!

In the Australasian Journal of Health and Healing Dr. Hans Nieper studied over 2,280 patients back in the late 1960s and early ’70s, looking for a way to reverse nerve damage...

When study participants were given the “Magnetic Energy Mineral”...

Their recovery was jaw dropping!

Throughout the 24 year study Dr. Nieper and his team found several ways the “Longevity Mineral” could transform total body wellness...

Here’s where I got excited...

  • Improved circulation, healthier red blood cells, blood flowed freely and easily, and varicose veins practically vanished...

  • They became more youthful from the inside out... aches and pains were soothed...

  • In addition, bone density increased, they began to breathe easier, and brain fog disappeared!

  • Lastly their energy levels skyrocketed... improving their quality of life and long-term wellbeing...

The name of this “Magnetic Energy Mineral” is a mouthful. It’s called Calcium 2-aminoethylphosphate but you can call it Ca 2-AEP for short.

But I have to warn you Ca 2-AEP is nothing like the calcium you’d find in milk or yogurt. Ca 2-AEP a.k.a the “Longevity Mineral” is a vital component in the structure of EVERY cell in the human body.

Dr. Nieper proved Ca 2-AEP could fuse with cell membranes and protect cell structure...

... to keep cells active and healthy.

But what really got me shaking with excitement was...

... the “Longevity Mineral” could be combined with other minerals and nutrients...

... to shuttle those nutrients directly to your cells – right where you need them most to boost cellular function and turn back the clock on aging...

The 24/7 “Magnetic Energy Mineral”
instantly delivers nutrients to your cells!

So, instead of your minerals and nutrients “passing through” you...

..the “Magnetic Energy Mineral” transports all the good stuff right where you need it most!

That means your heart... brain... lung... and nerve cells get bathed in revitalizing nutrients that invigorate them!

That’s how this special mineral can boost longevity and actually slow aging at the cellular level to promote a healthier rejuvenated body and mind!

My next thought was...

... since the “Magnetic Energy Mineral” is so important to the healthy functions and energy levels of all cells...

... imagine how it could be supercharged when combined with other effective natural anti-aging ingredients!

This led me on a rigorous investigation...

Reviewing hundreds of scientific research papers over several weeks...

And reaching out to a colleague who was the head scientist at a leading natural lab in the United States.

I told him what I found out about Dr Nieper’s research and the incredible information I'd gathered about Ca 2-AEP...

And shared my goal: to create something SPECIAL that would restore youthful vitality, health and energy to aging people...just like Carrie.

He was a bit hesitant at first, afraid that his career may be in jeopardy after following in Dr. Nieper’s footsteps...

But the opportunity to help millions of people all over the world reclaim their vitality moved him to take action.

After months of trial and error...

After thousands of emails back and forth...

And hundreds of phone calls back and forth and long nights of hard work...

After nearly wiping out my entire savings...

We finally created the perfect combination of effective nutrients that could help get my Dad back to the strong, healthy, and working man he always was!

The Results Were Nothing Short of Miraculous!

My Dad went from being nearly immobilized by aches and pains to moving so freely the grandkids were saying “Hey Grandpa, Slow Down!” because they simply can’t keep up with him...

He went from being cognitively clouded to beating brain fog and restoring razor sharp memory and focus!

He went from being constantly drained and fatigued to waking up every morning full of energy with the stamina to keep going all day with no 3 o’clock slump!

Dad got a new lease on life...

And so did Carrie!

Gone are those "Energy Vampires!" Carrie’s confidence on the road has returned as she never feels drowsy behind the wheel! Her awareness and response time are even better than they were in her 20’s!

She wakes up full of energy! No more hitting the alarm clock a dozen times and dragging herself out of bed. Carrie jumps out of the sheets up fully recharged and refreshes, ready to take on the day!

She no longer needs 6 cups of coffee! After our many conversations, Carrie realized that coffee was actually ruining her sleep quality... She ditched her morning cup of joe and afternoon energy drinks, since she no longer needs the caffeine to stay awake!

Bye Bye Brain Fog! Carrie has the confidence to tuck her roadmaps back under her truck seat. Her mind works at 200% and silly errors or blank moments are a thing of the past!

But that wasn’t even the best part...

3 months after I gave her this special blend of ingredients to help restore her youthful energy, she opened up to me about some of the other incredible benefits of these synergistic anti-aging nutrients...

That only another woman would truly understand.

And as she shared to me how this was changing her life in other areas, I couldn't hold back my tears as I remembered my own experience.

You see, back when I used this breakthrough formula to save my father’s life, I also took it myself...

As a way to make sure my father actually followed the protocol.

I didn't pay much attention at first, but after a while I began to realize the hideous toll that age had taken on my appearance...

Especially in the form of dull, wrinkly skin that dropped and sagged from my face, arms and belly...

As much as I tried to ignore it and dismiss it as just getting older, I couldn't help but feel like my best years were far behind me...

And that my years of feeling beautiful, sexy and confident were long gone.

If you’re a woman over 50, then you might understand how it feels to think you will never catch your husband’s eye the way you used to in your 20’s...

Which is why I was so thrilled to hear how things had turned out for Carrie after taking this miracle formula.

Carrie confessed:

“I had avoided looking at myself unless absolutely necessary.

When you don’t look or feel your best...

... you think you’re invisible.

You tend to stop smiling...

... you start to wear big t-shirts and stretchy pants because you think you look like a stuffed sausage...

I knew exactly how she felt...

You even avoid having your picture taken...

You don’t want anyone to see that the youth and vitality has drained out of you...

... because you feel old.

I used to cry when I was alone because of how bad I felt about myself...

... but not anymore!

One day my husband said, “You look great!”

When I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, my wrinkles had faded, my skin looked firmer, my hair was thick and shiny and my waistline was back!

*Results may vary

Carrie told me, "I’m turning my husband’s head again!

And feeling as radiant – inside and out - as if I were still in my 20s!”

As I listened to Carrie share her story, my heart swelled with empathy...

It felt as if she was repeating back to me my own experience of taking this supplement myself...

Restoring my youthful energy and winning back my husband’s adoring attention that I thought was lost years ago!

What began as a desperate quest to save my father...

Became a powerful tool to help others suffering from a similar struggle.

I had discovered something I was extremely proud of...

... and that could work for YOU!

This formula helped Carrie reclaim her energy and youth...

The “Magnetic Energy Mineral” Can Give You Back the Boundless Energy You Had in Your 20's and 30's!

That’s why once I saw how effective this energizing cellular renewal formula is, I knew I had to get it into as many hands as possible.


And I’m thrilled to introduce you to this revolutionary
formula called CellXRenewal™!

There’s never been anything like this proprietary formula created before!

CellXRenewal is the latest breakthrough in the science of longevity that can bring back the health, energy, beauty and confidence you had in your youth.

"CellXRenewal gave me more energy, my skin is better, and my nails are growing stronger every day. It's a great product and I truly don't feel soon-to-be 72 years of age."

- Vivian H., Florida

"I feel great and I'm walking two miles four times a week. Losing weight and feeling energized on CellXRenewal."

- Carol W., Delaware

"As a 71 year old I am well aware that my body needs more nutrients than diet alone can provide. CellXRenewal contains ingredients that are hard to source elsewhere and at an affordable price. I feel confident that this supplement is helping to keep my body and brain active."

- Marianne I., Australia

In every serving – you get the remarkable rejuvenating power of the "Longevity Mineral" – and MUCH more!

With CellXRenewal’s Proprietary Formula – you can...

Bounce back faster!

Think quicker!

And feel like a kid again – or at least way younger!

It contains no artificial ingredients, it’s GMO-free, soy-free, gluten-free, it’s vegetarian friendly, and made in the USA in an FDA registered facility that’s completely compliant with GMP safety standards.


Chemical and preservative free…

100% natural…

Backed by scientific research…

Affordable to manufacture…

Made in the USA in a GMP certified facility…

CellXRenewal™ is an amazing anti-aging energy supplement. I have been taking it for a while and have seen such great results. It's packed with 7+ powerful ingredients that are key in supporting heart, brain, and metabolism health. It’s also Soy, Gluten and GMO free. I have recommended to friends and family, absolutely wonderful product."

- Victoria Brown, UK

I believe in CellXRenewal™ from the bottom of my heart.

Maintain your strength, energy, and still have a sexy body well into your golden years.

You’ll notice a bounce in your step.

You’ll be happier.

The minor annoying aches and pains you’ve felt over the years will fade, or maybe disappear altogether…

Your friends, family, and colleagues will start to notice the change…

... and they’ll want to know your secret!

They won’t be able to hold back from saying, “You look amazing!”

CellXRenewal will change your entire idea of what it means to “age gracefully.” (No gym membership required.)

Remember those synergistic special nutrients I mentioned?

Well, I have a surprise for you…

These SIX Super Cell Nutrients
Magnify the Strength of the Magnetic Energy Mineral
and Make CellXRenewal Even More Powerful...

To help you live LONGER, STRONGER, and HEALTHIER!

I’m so excited to tell you about them...

Super Cell Nutrient #2

S-l-o-w Aging to a Crawl... Create More Youthful Skin Cells... and Reduce Wrinkles By 38% – Thanks to Mother Nature's “Beauty Mineral”!

If you want clear radiant skin, soft silky hair, and strong, vibrant nails - every cell in your body needs this mineral.

Years ago, I discovered the savior for ALL skin types – it’s called Methylsulfonylmethane – or MSM for short.

Back in my 30’s I discovered that a spoonful of MSM crystals dissolved in water every day twice a day soothed my breakouts...

In about a month...

... my skin became smoother...

... my breakouts stopped...

And over time my scars began to fade away!

Super abundant in every plant, animal, and human – MSM is one of the MOST essential minerals crucial to cellular regeneration.

MSM ‘fills’ in the gaps making your skin look - smoother, more hydrated and radiant.

A study in the International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research showed MSM created a significant improvement in skin firmness, elasticity, and hydration over a placebo8.

It reduced the signs of facial aging by 38%!

And that barely scratches the surface of what this super mineral can do.

Which made my decision to include MSM in CellXRenewal a no-brainer!

It’s one of the BEST ways to age in reverse!

Smooth skin is great!

But it’s not enough....

... you also need loads of energy!

That’s what you get with the remarkable “sugar” you’re about to discover...

And that was a LIFESAVER for Carrie!

Super Cell Nutrient #3

The Unusual Sugar That Powers Up Your Heart 24/7

If you’re over 55 I urge you to listen to what I’m about to tell you very carefully.

The standard treatments for survivors of heart failure, heart attack or stroke maintain your heart at about 60% of its previous capacity — at best.

A “special sugar” called D-Ribose is the “spark plug” of every cell — especially those your heart needs to create energy.

Every single day, your heart needs 13 pounds of D-Ribose, just to function.9

"It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about hearts or muscles, if we are healthy or sick or if we are old or young, certain consistencies remain. Cells need D-Ribose."

-Dr. Ward Bond, PHD Hosts the daily television program, “Dr. Bond’s THINK NATURAL”

D-Ribose was one of the main ingredients that helped Carrie jump start her life again.

You cannot afford to wait until you have a heart event to add this powerful heart-saver to your daily life!

"Since taking CellXRenewal, I have noticed a marked improvement in my muscle tone and stamina."

- Paul W., Oregon

Boost Heart Function Every Day with D-Ribose!

Your heart pumps about 1,900 gallons of blood through your body every single day.

That amount is equal to 61 beer kegs!

So, even if you think you've lost the genetic lottery and have a "bad heart"...

... the power of D-ribose can supercharge your heart’s pumping action and do so much more for you:

  • Improves blood flow through the heart!
  • Makes blood flow easier through tissues by up to 64%!
  • Energizes tired muscles (including your heart)!
  • Increases oxygen and CO2 exchange through the lungs so you can breathe easier!
  • Keeps blood flowing freely and easily!

These astounding clinically-proven benefits are why I’ve included a healthy amount of D-Ribose in CellXRenewal™.

Your skin and your heart are just the beginning.

The next step is to protect your mind from anxiety and brain fog.

And nothing does it better than this...

... the next two ingredients just might make your jaw drop in astonishment!

The Magnetic Energy Mineral Breakthrough Started It All...
Now It's Time to Discover the Two Most Powerful Marine Nutrients In the World to Support Healthy Inflammation Levels!

When you think about managing inflammation – the nutrient called turmeric may come to mind.

Sure, turmeric is one of the most well-known nutrients that support healthy inflammation levels...

I definitely wanted to include a natural compound that would be as potent as turmeric.

Since I knew from my own personal weight loss struggles...

... when I was over 100lbs heavier...

The only way my inflammation levels went back down to a healthy level was when I started shedding the pounds.

And taking turmeric.

So, I knew that maintaining healthy inflammation levels in check is one of the POWERFUL ways to help you LIVE LONGER.

I called the head lab scientist and told him my thoughts on possibly adding an inflammation soother like turmeric to the formula.

He said, “Let me think about it and get back to you.”

Then two days later the head lab scientist excitedly called me...

He told me about two powerful deep-sea nutrients that have been shown to support healthy inflammation levels like nothing else on Earth.

Even better than turmeric!

I knew right then and there that I had to add them to CellXRenewal and give it the final boost it needed.

The First Groundbreaking Inflammation Soother Is Marine Phytoplankton –
It’s The Amazing Super Cell Nutrient #5 Found In CellXRenewal

Marine Phytoplankton is a tiny microalgae that’s packed with bio-active omega 3 fatty acids and potent chlorophyll that supports healthy inflammation levels...

Because of its nano cell size (5-7 times smaller than a red blood cell) Marine Phytoplankton easily crosses the blood-brain barrier... and it’s quickly absorbed at the cellular level.

To give your hard-working brain and body the nourishment it needs.

... and it has even been shown to trigger your body to produce more T-cells – which are essential for immune support... cellular regeneration... and new healthy cells!

The Second Marine Protector That Knocks Out
Free-Radicals Is Ecklonia Cava – It’s Super Cell Nutrient #6

You may have heard of resveratrol or green tea as antioxidants that can manage inflammation – but have you ever heard of the edible brown seaweed known as the Wonder Plant of the Sea?

Scientists in South Korea spent $39 million researching this dynamic deep-sea nutrient called Ecklonia cava...12

... that unlocks your body’s rejuvenating potential with unique and powerful antioxidants to douse the fire of inflammation.

Ecklonia cava is fat and water soluble...

... which means it can penetrate deep into nerve cells... brain cells... liver cells... and more - to trap and destroy harmful free radicals that cause inflammation.

Better than resveratrol and green tea which are only water soluble and can’t penetrate deep into your cell membranes.

And Ecklonia cava is even clinically shown to beat the leading treatment for sexual issues...

Because it can restore raw, sexual function WITHOUT unhealthy side effects.

What’s more...

Unique and powerful Ecklonia cava knocks out “free radicals” from your cells that make you look and feel OLD!

Even with all these extraordinary ingredients...

Scientific studies show that nearly 1-in-4 of us are lacking in this immune system-protecting nutrient by over 63%!

This nutrient CAN’T BE easily found in food!

Yet it can shield your immune system from the ravages of viruses, toxins, environmental pollutants, and much more like no other.

So, I asked the lab to include a little something extra...

I’ve Added A Bonus Super Cell Nutrient!
Bulletproof Your Immune System and Increase Your Youthful Lifespan with the Sunshine Vitamin

Do you ever wonder why some people always seem to be “coming down with something” and others never take a sick day?

It has a lot to do with this - Sunshine!

Now I know you’ve probably heard it before but give me one minute...

... I’m not saying you need to (or should) sunbathe outside for hours.

But one nutrient you desperately need to slow down premature aging – that’s found in sunshine – is Vitamin D. More specifically – it’s vitamin D3.

In fact, vitamin D3 has been shown to help maintain:

Vitamin D3 (once converted by your liver and kidneys) creates hormone-like activity that your brain receptors need to boost your mood!

Got vitamin D3? Contrary to popular opinion, vitamin D3 is what your body needs for strong bones and muscles. Without it your body can’t even absorb calcium!

Studies suggest that Baby Boomers who take Vitamin D3 seem to fall less often - it is believed this is due to better muscle function.

Since vitamin D3 is fat soluble... if you’re not at your ideal weight (and who is?) Vitamin D3 can get trapped in fatty tissue and can’t be used... robbing you of many of its immune protecting properties.

By adding Vitamin D3 to CellXRenewal you have the crucial extra vitamin D3 you need to enjoy good health!

And much more ...

  • A healthy mood

  • Bone health

  • Immune support

That’s why I had to add all-natural Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol to the formulation of CellXRenewal™.

This is the exact type of vitamin D which is made by the skin when exposed to sunlight.

And if you live in a colder area...

... Like most people you may hunker down for winter. And rarely go outside during the day.

But if you don’t get enough vitamin D3...

... you could suffer from a bad case of the “winter blues” and feel more anxious.

So, to help you feel happy rather than blue...

... the Sunshine vitamin can help get you through whatever season or challenge you face!

That’s why...

"I see a change in my skin and hair and have received compliments on both since taking CellXRenewal. Plus, my mood has definitely changed and my friends have begun to call me “smiley”."

- Joan R., Georgia

With CellXRenewal You Can Finally SLOW Aging To A Crawl!

CellXRenewal changed the prognosis Carrie’s doctors gave her,, and they were shocked to see her back on her feet!

And as a wonderful bonus...

... CellXRenewal made it possible for Carrie to look and feel better than she had in decades!

You’ve seen the proven science behind all seven ingredients...

... and that this life-changing formula can help you live longer, stronger and healthier.

You’ll never see this in any other anti-aging support supplement!

Inside every CellXRenewal capsule you’ll find:

7 Clinically-Proven Ingredients that are Essential to Cellular Renewal, Increased Energy, Healthy Aging, and Metabolism Support

Ca 2-AEP:
The Longevity Mineral... is protective armor for your cells.. rejuvenate cells and DNA to their most robust health!

Erases 10 years of wrinkles... to firm saggy skin and fade age spots from your face for a return to a youthful YOU!

Increases blood flow... to revitalize your heart, brain, blood vessels, and lungs with the “spark plug” that creates energy in every cell in your body!

Gets back your razor-sharp mind... to regain deeper focus, quicker recall, support long-term memory, and ease anxiety levels!

Marine Phytoplankton:
Sends in your cell’s natural “garbage collectors” ... to rid your body of cellular debris to support a healthy inflammatory response and power up energy levels!

Ecklonia Cava
Knocks out free radicals... give you potent antioxidants to support healthy inflammatory responses and keep your body functioning at peak capacity!

Vitamin D3:
Powers up your immune system... to lower your risk of illness and balance your mood!

Now let me ask you a question!

What will YOU see when you look in the mirror a month from now?

I would hate to see you miss this opportunity.

The only way to experience the new life in store for you – is to give CellXRenewal™ a try.

If you don’t...

... NOTHING will change!

In fact, you’ll keep getting older...

... every day you get a little more tired!

The skin under your chin sagging a bit more than the last time you noticed!

Maybe those “senior moments” start happening more often!

New wrinkles might appear in places you’ve never even noticed before!

Perhaps, day by day you’ll become a little more invisible to other people...

You don’t want to risk losing your independence!

You don’t want to have to rely on your child or a friend to help you!

You don’t want the heartbreak of losing a relationship!


The answer is CellXRenewal™.

“STUN” your friends, your spouse, your family, and YOURSELF as you turn back the clock and restore the endless energy and youthful glow you once had.

CellXRenewal™ is the protection every cell needs.

It is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Choose CellXRenewal™ long-term...

... and I personally guarantee THAT YOU WILL notice the difference.

Imagine waking up full of energy, feeling healthier and seeing a younger version of yourself in the bathroom mirror each morning.

Your friends will ask you to share your “secret.”

It takes less than 60 seconds a day to keep your youth and vitality.

Just two, easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules...

... That’s ALL it takes for you to rebuild and rejuvenate every cell in your body!

How can you get your hands on CellXRenewal?

Here’s the great news...

The next shipment of CellXRenewal™ is reserved for readers of this letter...
But you must act quickly

This batch will be snapped up in no time at all.


... people all over the world are discovering this incredible formula for themselves...

... and they’re ordering as many as six bottles or more at a time.

This means that demand can quickly outpace supply!

Production is limited to ensure potency and quality! We produce CellXRenewal™ conditions that follow GMP standards to keep the quality as high as possible.

Painstaking quality control! Our manufacturing process takes longer because we use only the highest quality ingredients. Our formula is molecularly structured to be as effective at the cellular level as possible. We also run each batch through several tests to ensure proper potency, safety and results.

High demand from existing customers! Customers are reordering at a rapid pace after seeing massive transformations in the first few weeks.

Word of mouth! Those same customers are telling their friends and family about CellXRenewal™ because it works flawlessly without resorting to dangerous hormones or prescriptions.

"Out - of - stock" can happen at any time!

CellXRenewal™ is formulated with powerful ingredients that are responsibly sourced from around the world.

If the supply chains get disrupted – like we recently experienced with the global pandemic – supplies may run out.

For example...

... if a supplier of raw, Ecklonia Cava (Korean brown seaweed) has a bad harvest...

... it could take months before I’m able to get that ingredient to produce more CellXRenewal™.

All manufacturing stops until the ingredient is available for a production run of at least 600 bottles.

It could mean you’ll be without this cellular rejuvenation breakthrough for months. That’s just the way it is.

These processes are how I maintain the highest quality formula.

I’d hate to see you delay.

Just to see a big “OUT OF STOCK” banner on this page.

It’s not worth risking!

When you order today, you’ll be able to reserve up to six bottles of CellXRenewal™.

That means you can stock up on a 6 month supply of CellXRenewal™ today.

And the great news is that the more you decide to invest in right now...

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You see, I was urged to price it at $297 per bottle and I said, “NO!”

Then I was told it should be no lower than $199 per bottle and I said, “No, I need to keep it affordable.”

In order to cover the costs of high-quality natural ingredients, lab manufacturing fees and dedication to creating one of the most advanced anti-aging supplements available today...

... CellXRenewal™ has a suggested retail price of $149 (which is an absolute steal in its own right).

It’s my goal to help 200,000 people live longer and stronger within the next year.

That’s my obsession!

And I realize that the more affordable I can make CellXRenewal™...

... the more likely it is that I’ll reach my goal.

That’s why right now...

... if you order TODAY...

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Let me Sum Up What You’re Getting With the 6-Bottle Best Deal Today...

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I can’t promise CellXRenewal™ will be offered at such a low price forever.

My customer care team will get your order of CellXRenewal™ in the mail as soon as you order your bottles.

Once your order is processed within 24 hours. Your shipment takes about 4-7 business days to arrive in the U.S.

If you live in Canada or Overseas your shipment will take about 9-14 business days to arrive.

When the delivery man knocks on your door, I’m sure you’ll want to tear open the package and try CellXRenewal™ right away.

So, go ahead.

It's time to experience firsthand everything I've talked about 100% risk free today.

What Folks Like You Are Saying...

CellXRenewal™ targets an aspect of health and anti-aging that I’ve literally NEVER seen before, yet once you understand it, it makes total sense. Your cells age because as your cell walls harden, nutrients cannot get in, and those cells (all of them!) are becoming malnourished. CellXRenewal helps rebuild those cell walls so your cells get those nutrients inside the cells where they can be used.

I have to say, after using this product, my energy levels started getting better and better. Being a fitness trainer, I eat pretty well and thought my energy levels were already good. This was an eye-opener for me because I definitely noticed a difference. This is a product I would highly recommend if you want to turn back the clock and look and feel better.”

- Nick Nilsson, Illinois, USA

“I take CellXRenewal™ first thing in the morning and it gives me sustainable energy that lasts throughout the day! I have clearer thinking and overall, I feel great!”

- Cynthia H., North Carolina, USA

You’ve reached a fork in the road and it’s time to make a choice!

Which path you take is up to you.

You can do nothing and give up trying to look younger, have more energy, better mental clarity, more confidence, and less stress.

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Or you can try CellXRenewal™ 100% risk-free.

It’s convenient, effective, simple and works incredibly fast. Just picture a reality where each morning you wake up fully revitalized, vibrant, brimming with natural all-day energy and bursting with excitement to see a happier and healthier you in the bathroom mirror.

The choice is yours.

If you’re sick of looking in the mirror and not being happy with what you see...

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Thank you so much for your time today.

Alex Bradford

Co-Founder & CEO
Life Titan Naturals





You Save $80

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365 day money back guarantee

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365 day money back guarantee

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Before this letter was sent out to thousands of folks like you, I showed it to my family and friends. Some of them asked important questions I’ve answered below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CellXRenewal™ so different from other anti-aging formulas?

How long until I get results?

I recommend you give yourself at least 90-120 days to experience the full benefits. However, I do suggest working with your trusted healthcare practitioner to determine what would work best for you.

What ingredients are in CellXRenewal™?

is made right here in the United States, in a facility that follows Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

It also contains no soy, no gluten, no GMO’s and no artificial colors or ingredients.

Making this an incredibly potent and effective breakthrough in Anti-Aging Science.

How much should I take daily?

You should take two capsules with a full cup (8 ounces) of juice or water. Many of our customers prefer to take with food. There are 60 capsules in each bottle, so one bottle can last for 30 days.

What’s your guarantee?

CellXRenewal™ comes with a 1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That means if you change your mind about this investment for any reason whatsoever...

... simply email or call our friendly customer support team, and you’ll get your full refund less shipping and handling costs.

That being said, our refund rates tend to be extremely low.

Because we only provide high quality supplement formulations that are backed by cutting edge, scientific studies.

What if I buy multiple bottles and change my mind?

If for any reason you’re not happy with your results – simply return your unopened bottles within 1 year of the purchase date.

What else can you tell me about CellXRenewal™?

is manufactured right here in the United States, in a GMP Certified and FDA Compliant Facility.

Your investment in our product supports American jobs and the American economy.

How long will CellXRenewal™ be available?

Well our goal is certainly to keep available forever.

Especially because I believe it can bring such powerful, life changing results to so many people.

That being said...

... because the ingredients inside come from all over the world...

... there are frequently times where supply may be unavailable.

For example, if a supplier of raw, Ecklonia Cava (Korean brown seaweed) has a bad harvest.

It could take months before I’m able to get that ingredient and produce more .

That’s why I do urge you to go ahead and place your order today.

Because if there are currently supplies in stock, you should go ahead and take us up on that risk-free order right away.

Okay, I’m ready. How can I order CellXRenewal™?

This is the fun part.

To do that, just move your mouse over one of the three packages you see at the bottom of this page.

Then click on whichever of the packages is best for you.

Once you’ve done that...

... you’ll then be taken to our 256-bit 100% secure order page, where you’ll enter your order details.

And as soon as you’ve entered your order, my friendly customer care team will begin the process of shipping out .

And you’ll also get a receipt email containing your order summary as soon as your order is complete.