Frequently Asked Questions

Every capsule of CellXRenewal™ contains these 7 Super Cell Nutrients…

Critical Cell Ingredient #1: Calcium 2-AEP’s remodeling crew, patches the cracks and tears of your cell walls, delivers vital nutrients to your body’s organs, and gets rid of toxic waste.

Critical Cell Ingredient #2: MSM’s “cellular day spa,” revitalizing your cells to “younger” levels of flexibility and permeability allowing your cells to absorb the nutrients they need even quicker.

Critical Cell Ingredient #3: Shilajit’s powerful cell detoxification flushes out poisonous heavy metals that harm your health.

Critical Cell Ingredient #4: D-Ribose energy producers ensure an overflowing supply of energy for mitochondria that powers all of your cells which run the rest of your body.

Critical Cell Ingredient #5: Marine Phytoplankton’s nutritional “care package” mimics your body’s exact vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient requirements. It delivers the raw materials your body needs and creates metabolic reactions.

Critical Cell Ingredient #6: Ecklonia Cava’s unrivalled systemic protection of each and every cell, significantly reduces free radical damage and provides inflammation support. Aids in cell reproduction.

Critical Cell Ingredient #7: Vitamin D3 provides immune support, promotes level mood, maintains bone health, decreases risk of cancer and dementia, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, and a lot more based on numerous studies.

CellXRenewal™ Makes Traditional “Anti-Aging Solutions” Like Turmeric and CoQ10 Seem as Outdated as the Horse and Buggy…

This Powerful Anti-Aging Formula Supports Cellular Rejuvenation, Cellular Energy Production, Provides Heart and Complete Metabolism Support

Cells are responsible for your energy level… resistance to illness… and much, much more.

In fact, they’re quite the basic “building blocks” for all life on this planet!

Cells are the root units of life, the bricks from which all your tissues and organs are made.

As we age the cellular processes that run like a clean energy machine in our youth begin to suffer from wear and tear.

Yet, we often ignore how vital our cell health is…

Over time, stress and aging tears away at the integrity of our cells creating damage that appears as aging and other “older age” issues.

Inside each cell is the “battery” known as Mitochondria, which are responsible for generating ATP (energy) which runs the rest of the body.

They are the primary producers of energy vital for brain, heart, and muscle health.

CellXRenewal™ is a powerful anti-aging support supplement created specifically to improve the health and energy production of your cells by addressing the six main cellular functions.

It works to aid the aging body during times of stress, providing the compounds needed to support cellular health, create energy, support the cardiovascular system, cellular integrity, protect mitochondria, and promote optimal health.

By protecting every cell and more importantly mitochondria, this may slow down the effects of aging.

It’s like giving Father Time a flashing red stop light.

You should take it with a full cup (8 ounces) of juice or water. Many of our customers prefer to take CellXRenewal™ with food. There are 60 capsules in each bottle, so one bottle can last for 30 days.

We recommend you give yourself at least 90 days to experience the full benefits. However, we do suggest working with your trusted healthcare practitioner to determine what would work best for you.

CellXRenewal™ comes with a 365 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That means if you change your mind about this investment for any reason whatsoever…

Simply contact our friendly customer support team, and you’ll get your full refund less shipping and handling costs.

That being said, our refund rates tend to be extremely low…

Because we only provide high quality supplement formulations that are backed by cutting edge, scientific studies.

If for any reason you’re not happy with your results – simply return your bottles within 1 year of the purchase date.

CellXRenewal™ is manufactured right here in the United States, in a GMP Certified and FDA Compliant Facility.

Your investment in our product supports American jobs and the American economy.

Also, each batch of CellXRenewal™ is independently tested by a certified, third-party laboratory.

This ensures safety and quality…

As well as confirms that what’s on our label is actually inside each capsule.

Well our goal is certainly to keep CellXRenewal™ available forever.

Especially because we believe it can bring such powerful, life changing results to so many people.

That being said…

Because the ingredients inside come from all over the world…

There are frequently times where supply may be unavailable.

For example, if a supplier of raw, Ecklonia Cava (Korean brown seaweed) has a bad harvest…

It could take months before we’re able to get that ingredient and produce more CellXRenewal™.

That’s why I do urge you to go ahead and place your order today…

Because if there are currently supplies in stock, you should go ahead and take us up on that risk-free order right away.

Well like I just mentioned…

All you need to do is place your order today.

To do that, just click the button below right now

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Once you’ve done that…

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Shipping within the US takes about 3-5 business days…

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